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We help clients assess chemical compound safety to develop safer and more effective pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, agricultural chemicals, commodity chemicals, and consumer products. At the frontline of next generation risk assessment (NGRA), we develop customized cell-based assays to determine safety, model chemical disposition in the body, and analyze and interpret genetic data. Our solutions save our clients time and money by bringing their products to market faster.

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While insecticides are an essential to many food supply and public
health concerns, they are sometimes associated with bioactivity and
therefore raise questions about human and environmental health
implications. Pyrethroids are insecticides used in household products,
agricultural applications and mosquito control. In rat, juveniles were
more sensitive than adults to pyrethroid-driven health effects. The US
Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) raised questions about…Read more »

On Thursday, May 27th, 2020 at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, join ScitoVation, L.L.C. experts in kinetic modeling and IONTOX, L.L.C. known for in vitro toxicity testing for a 45 minute webinar describing the integrated organ platform and the use of kinetic modeling. During the webinar James McKim, Ph.D. DABT will present first on the IONTOX HuDMOP™ integrated organ platform and data generated followed by Melvin Andersen, Ph.D., DABT who will discuss models that describe chemical behavior. Following the formal presentation there will be a 15 minute Q&A session. A recording of the live webinar will be made available to all who register prior to webinar. Attendance is limited to the first 150 registrants. Read more »

Featured Offering

ScitoVation and BioSpyder are excited to introduce our new transcriptomics analysis package, ScitoXpress™. ScitoXpress™ provides important information about points of departure (POD) and potential modes of action (MoA) for our clients’ compounds. ScitoXpress™ characterizes chemical risk cost-efficiently and rapidly.

Because changes in gene expression precede changes in phenotype, a robust transcriptomics package like ScitoXpress™ can provide answers at lower doses compared to disease or tumor endpoints are typical used in in vivo studies. ScitoXpress™ offers the additional advantages of:

  • Providing utility in guiding additional studies, resulting in cost- and time-savings
  • Being based on a rigorous scientific approach, applied by experts
  • Having the support of U.S. EPA

Learn more about ScitoXpress™ during our webinar on Thursday, April 4th. We look forward to sharing more with you!

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By combining modern biological and computational methods, we help our clients develop safer and more effective pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, agricultural chemicals, commodity chemicals and consumer products.


To kick off a new year and decade, we assessed ScitoVation’s current and prospective positioning in the risk assessment community.  As part of that process, the leadership team reviewed our… Read more »

By Mel Andersen, Ph.D., Senior Program Advisor It’s a grand time to be a toxicologist committed to using non-animal based biological and computational methods to assess the safety of chemicals and chemical products for human populations.  My toxicology career… Read more »

Whether you are a client, prospective client, prospective employee, a partner or general member of the public, thank you for your interest in ScitoVation and for visiting our Internet site.… Read more »