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Use of PBPK modeling for estimating risk for vulverable populations

Webinar date: June 20, 12PM – 1PM EDT

In determining the safety of chemical compounds for humans, regulating government agencies must take into account the interspecies variability given that the studies to develop estimates of safety are based on animals. Typically, a factor of 10 is used for interspecies variability (that is the level deemed safe in animals is lowered 10 times for humans). Additionally, regulating agencies adjust for intraspecies variability by a factor of 10 and there may be other adjustments for vulnerable populations like children.

Join Dr. Marjory Moreau for a live webinar, ScitoVation PBPK modeling in risk assessment to discover how:

  • PBPK models can be used for addressing interspecies and intraspecies variability
  • The use of in vitro to in vivo extrapolation (IVIVE) to parameterize PBPK models
  • A specific example of how we used a PBPK model for pyrethroids (a chemical class of widely used insecticides) to show that no adjustment is needed for children
  • The model was submitted to EPA and is currently under evaluation
  • Lessons learned from the submission to EPA will be shared
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Why Use Transcriptomics and ScitoXpress™?

With ScitoXpress™, we conduct in vitro transcriptomics studies to help clients determine 1) Points of departure (POD)—the lowest dosage at which bioactivity occurs—and 2) Potential modes of action (MoA) based on the subsets of genes that are expressed at various doses.

Both POD and MoA can be inferred based on changes in gene expression in response to exposure to a chemical. Thus, dose-response changes in gene expression are likely to be observed at lower doses compared to endpoints such as disease or tumors that would be observed in in vivo studies.

Possible Applications

Possible applications of the ScitoXpress™ package are as a screening tool for compound bioactivity or to identify possible modes of action.

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2018 PLETHEM Webinar

ScitoVation was pleased to host a PLETHEM (Population Lifecourse Exposure to Health Effects Model) webinar that talked about the effectiveness of PLETHEM in addressing scientific questions and challenges. ScitoVation, is emerging as a leader in PBPK modeling, and IVIVE and In Vitro practices, and we seek to maximize our capabilities and the capabilities of our friends with PLETHEM.

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The link to the June,12,2018 Webinar is here.